Cisco AMP - Bypassing Self-Protection

Sometimes when you are in the middle of an engagement, you will come across a hurdle which requires a quick bit of research, coding, and a little bit of luck. This was the case with a recent engagement in which we came across Cisco AMP, an endpoint protection technology which provides analysis of processes, provides spawn chains, and exposed a bunch of the other goodies you have come to expect from EDR products, including our old friend…. self-protection. We’ve explored self-protection t... Read More »

AppLocker CLM Bypass via COM

Constrained Language Mode is a method of restricting Powershell's access to functionality such as Add-Type, or many of the reflective methods which can be used to leverage the Powershell runtime as a launchbed for post-exploitation tooling. Despite what Microsoft may claim, this feature is very much being used as a security control, providing defenders with the ability to stop tools such as "Invoke-Mimikatz" from executing due to the heavy reliance on reflection techniques . As I was getting... Read More »