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ActiveBreach, powered by Ethereum Blockchain

No matter where you turn, it’s hard to miss just how much of an  effect the Blockchain has had on our daily lives. Being the backbone of  the digital currency revolution, the Blockchain has gone from strength  to strength, carving a path for what proves to be the next evolution in  decentralisation.

At ActiveBreach, we have been considering the  right time to move to the Blockchain, and we’re proud to announce that  we are well on track to make this a reality.  

OK… stop, what is the Blockchain?

Sorry,  I couldn’t resist adding that fluff to the introduction… I’m not  actually sure when the abstraction of Blockchain started or when it  became such a marketing buzzword, but with so many things claiming to be  “Powered by The Blockchain”, I wanted to dig into the technology to  understand if there was any benefit to be had by an aggressor.

In  this post we will be taking a look at Ethereum along with Smart  Contracts, and exploring potential ways to implement C2 over a  Blockchain. But before we start, we will need to go over some of the  basics of Ethereum to help lay the groundwork for rest of the post.

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