ROP Primer - Walkthrough of Level 2

In the final post in this series, we'll be looking at Level 2, the last level of ROP Primer from VulnHub. This level gives a very simple program, similar to the first challenge that we faced in Level 0. The source of the application is as follows... Read More »

ROP Primer - Walkthrough of Level 1

Continuing from the previous post which shows a solution for Level 0, we are going to look at Level 1 of ROP Primer from VulnHub. Level 1 is a server application, which suffers from a typical buffer overflow. Reviewing the application source provided by the challenge, we can see that the overflow vector is within the following code... Read More »

ROP Primer - Walkthrough of Level 0

I recently found Vulnhub ROP Primer, which is a brilliant playground for refreshing your Linux ROP skills. To try and share some of the techniques I used to solve these challenges, I'm completing a series of writeups detailing the steps to solve each level. In typical Vulnhub style we start with a virtual machine which runs a number of services alongside a HTTP server documenting the 3 levels of difficulty. This post will be looking at Level 0... Read More »