Designing The Adversary Simulation Lab

In this post we will walk you through the technology used to create and deploy the ActiveBreach Adversary Simulation Lab, and look at the hurdles we jumped through to get things running smoothly.... Read More »

Testing your RedTeam Infrastructure

As RedTeaming has grown with the industry, so has our need to build dependable environments. In keeping with the cat-and-mouse game we find ourselves in, it's essential to possess the capability of maintaining robust infrastructure which can be recreated if discovered, and more importantly, we need to ensure that the environment is free of issues upon deployment. Today I'm kicking off the first of a series of posts where we will be adopting some of the practices made popular by the DevOps team... Read More »

New Blog and the Technology that powers it

As you may have noticed, I've migrated my blog from Tumblr to a shiny Ghost powered engine. While it does feel like I'm leaving the social media buzzword bingo revolution behind, editing on Tumblr wasn't exactly made with lengthy InfoSec posts in mind. Of course, moving to Ghost in my case means provisioning and managing a new server, so I wanted to take some time to document the architecture of my solution incase anyone else is looking to make a similar change in the future. Hosting My hosti... Read More »