Tailoring Cobalt Strike on Target

We've all been there, you've completed your initial recon, sent in your emails to gather those leaked HTTP headers, spent an age configuring your malleable profile to be just right, set up your CDNs and spun up your redirectors. Then it's time, you send in your email aaaaaand... nothing.... Read More »

Exploring Cobalt Strike's ExternalC2 framework

As many testers will know, achieving C2 communication can sometimes be a pain. Whether because of egress firewall rules or process restrictions, the simple days of reverse shells and reverse HTTP C2 channels are quickly coming to an end. OK, maybe I exaggerated that a bit, but it's certainly becoming harder. So, I wanted to look at some alternate routes to achieve C2 communication and with this, I came across Cobalt Strike’s ExternalC2 framework. ExternalC2 ExternalC2 is a specification/framew... Read More »