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Using Hopper scripting to analyse MacRansom

This week, Objective-See published a walkthrough of the recently released "Malware as a Service" family, MacRansom, originally identified by FortiNet. Patrick from Objective-See does a brilliant fly-by of the malware using LLDB, and presents some nice "anti anti-analysis" tricks. If you are interested in the internals of the malware, I'd recommend that you take a look. Seeing how uncommon this type of "MaaS" is on MacOS (at the minute at least), this was a good opportunity to break out Hopper and see how well it handles malware analysis. If you have never used Hopper before, it is a low cost d…

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Reviewing the APT32 phishing malware

This week, FireEye released an awesome review into APT32 (aka OceanLotus). The full writeup of their analysis can be found on FireEye's site here, and is certainly worth a read if you are interested in the evolving world of APT and attribution. One of the things I found interesting about this group was their use of "off the shelf" open source tools and techniques, often associated with commercial red-team engagements. So of course I was curious to see exactly how these tools were being deployed within the initial stages of a campaign. What follows is a brief review of the initial infiltrati…

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